Friday, July 6

Time To Update!

Life is crazy... since this last post in 2014, we were blessed with another son! Joseph Andrew Rickey, born New Years Day 2017!! Given how are lives are now truly documented through websites, Facebook, and all things online, I want to do a better job capturing updates, photos and videos. This is an attempt to recap four years. More to come!

Thursday, April 17

Monday, March 17

Spring Training!

Another enjoyable Spring Training season is underway! There's something to be said for the smell of the grass, the crack of the bat, crowds of fans, sunflower seeds... well, you get the idea. Our dear boys really get into it. We're so blessed to have these memories and special times together.

So, take me out to the ballgame! And, GO MARINERS!

Saturday, December 28

Moving On

When my brother passed away, I found a collection of old Sprague High School choral songs that my brother had converted from cassette tape to MP3 files. I know he listened to music a lot and it brought him joy. One of the songs on the tape was about grief. These lyrics ring true to me. Grief is real and can be overwhelming. But, it's time to move on. I love you, Andrew! Thank you for listening to my music!


Since your limbs were laid out 

The stars do not shine, 
The fish leap not out 

In the waves. 
On our meadows the dew 

Does not fall in the morn, 
For O'Daly is dead

Not a flower can be born, 
Not a word can be said, 

Not a tree have a leaf; 
Anthony, after you 
There is nothing to do, 

There is nothing but grief.